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The site is dedicated to helping truckers at every level of trucking master their knowledge of the trucking market. I'm Jo Bernard, I experienced the opportunity to consistently earn very high incomes at a time when the market was neither strong nor weak. Once you realize how a "working knowledge" of the trucking market can allow you the trucker company,lease,O/O to be in control of your rates, you'll be able to use your knowledge to run on rates that will allow you to use your cdl to earn much more money
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Teaching all truckers how to earn higher incomes by using modern technologies and equipment to understand and profit from a working knowledge of the market.

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Truckers are No Exception, If You Want to Earn More You Have To Learn Your Market, That's Your Business From Day 1 As A Driver.

When the market improves, if you have your cdl or if you are already an owner operator, O/O and you have taken the time to learn these strategies, you will find that everything I'm teaching you is true. You will learn, you will earn higher income, and make more money in trucking than you ever have havve before. The trucking market is no different than other markets; you've got to prepare yourself to access the market, know your market and apply yourself to that knowledge.

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