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Making the Market Work For You On Every Level "Turbo Charge Company Driver!

Demand Strategies, Company/Owner Level,   Company Driver Demand Strategies the Owners Use

Whether you ever buy a truck or not, here’s where I’ll show you company drivers how to use some of the same strategies I teach the guy that runs his own Authority. Here’s how even new company drivers can be a high income earner in trucking also.

This little secret is why I suggest, “Don’t even get in trucking until you read this book”! Don’t even “get in trucking” without knowing all of what’s in this book! I promise you you’ll be so glad you did.

As a company driver, find a company that will allow you to find loads from the load boards. Load boards are internet provided services which you can use to find loads. For example www.getloaded.com. It may cost you 25-45 buck a month, but Ill show you how itll be well worth it. Negotiate with a company usually the owner and try to set a reasonable expected rate per mile the truck needs to operate on. The rate per mile has to run the truck, get you paid, and make a fair profit.

Here's an example of just how tremendously powerful the ebook "Demand Strategies" Can Be. Here I teach company drivers how to use strategies I teach the Independent Owner to use

Also read above paragraph
You need to know this figure because you are going to find some loads for the truck. Find the operation that requires the lowest rate will benefit you the most because the whole reason you’re finding the loads for yourself is “whatever you find over that rate you split with the owner” You want to bear in mind that “how much you can make” should not be the only determining factor, there is no price you can put on working for good solid people that are going to do the right things by you. If the company needs to make about $2.00 a mile on all loaded miles, and is willing to set your rate on all loaded miles at.45cpm; seek to agree with them that if you find a load over the expected amount that they will split the difference in cpm with you as an incentive for you to find your own loads and exceeding the expected amount.
For example, “using the figures quoted above” if you find a load paying 2.50 per mile, that’s .50 cents over the expected rate per mile, the owner will split that with you so now he’s making 2.25 cpm and you’re making .70cpm, and it works just like that. Most Owner Operators would love to find a guy that can do that for him on a consistent basis or on any basis for that matter. Make sure if they find a load for you that is less than that expected amount, that when you do find a load over the expected amount, the company is not trying to make up for any loads you ran that “they” found that were less than the expected rate.
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When Company Drivers Need To Think Like Owner Operators

Now I’ll tell you ahead of time, in order to make this thing work, you must be willing to think like an Owner Operator and run the truck a lot like most Owner Operators. Primarily that means they idle the truck as least as possible, and are more apt to regard the overall maintenance of the equipment. If the owner says he needs 2.00 a mile to run operate the truck and you go idling the truck 24/7, well you can see how quick you’re gona to just blow the whole deal. For big companies, there is a sense among company drivers, that spoiling oneself idling the truck and not running the truck as economically as possible is the only way to get back at the big companies for making so much money off of all their hard work. Once you learn how much money you can make by knowing how to find the really good paying loads, you’ll want to work together to make it easy for the small company to make a decent profit from your truck operation.
Therefore helping to keep the cost of operating the truck low should be one of your selling points going in. Get on the rate calculator together and work out a rate for the truck at www.therealdealtrucking.com , go to the calculator page. So if you can’t get serious about thinking like and running like an Owner Operator, just be like the rest and go find a big company to work for and run hard and make less. But if you’re the kind of person that don’t mind applying yourself, and doing something better than just average and ordinary, this is definitely for you. Once you find a company, ask them for a list of companies they won’t do business with, if they have a list like that. Its called a black list.

Reaching Higher In Trucking is a Test of Faith and True Manhood, Oh, and Womanhood Too

Being able to find your own loads doesn’t mean that you’ll have to find all your own loads, but you’ll have the option of finding your own loads when your company is not making it happen for you. I’ll tell you ahead of time there may come a time when you spend all day looking for a high paying load, find it, call the company to set it up, only to find out they just set one up for you. That’s a chance you take, but usually that won’t happen. These agreements are easier to make with a small company and especially someone with only a few trucks. My friend at Panther’s got a guy in one of his trucks that finds most of his own loads when he’s out of the service area “where the company’s not finding his loads”.
That kinda guy is like gold, you know like “gold” the stuff that’s hanging round your neck and so forth “24K Gold”. I’ll show you in the Strategies section of the book how to find all the small companies you’ll need, and what you need to demand in setting up this kind of agreement with them and what things you can offer up for negotiations. Above finding a good deal though, I advise you, find a good company that don’t mind putting everything in writing and is going to keep to their word.
Make them put everything in writing and be sure to keep up with the miles and the jobs that you found a rate higher than the expected amount. In doing so you can confirm and reconfirm to your company how much they owe you on each job long before payroll is processed. Work close with accounting whether you find your own loads or not, know the exact amount you are suppose to make and always make it painfully clear to them how much they owe you and what you expect to make. You should especially do this the first few months on the job with any company big or small, under any arrangement. You need to take command of the payroll process, leave nothing to chance, and take nothing for granted.
The only reason many drivers have payroll problems is because they take for granted the folks in payroll are going to get everything right 100% all the time; then when they prove to be imperfect, all of a sudden the driver’s saying stuff like “this company this or this company that”,  How bout you!!! What did “You do” to make sure the process didn’t get off track? I’ve seen and heard this kind of thing all too many times. Just make sure you remember the old saying, “When you point the finger at someone else you got four more pointing back at you”.
Many Owner Operators would jump out of a window to have a company driver that has the kind of initiative to find their own loads. Your first question is “how do I find these small companies? Well I’m so glad you asked. In the strategies section of the book I’ve include in detail how you’ll go about finding all the companies by state, key contacts for the owner and sometimes even their email address and other contact information for FREE. More importantly you'll learn how and what to negotiate to position yourself to earn a high income.

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