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Who you listen to is just as important as who you should not listen to in Trucking and in all Business

I recently read an article reviewing the results of deregulation in the trucking industry. It attempts to leverage the tragedies of the Independent Operator to steer the overall mindset of Truckers toward hiring on with the big companies; I found that some very bad advice was given, The impoverished Owner Operators didn't even have a telephone, which makes my point clear; you can only be as successful as the equipment you are willing to invest in, and to the extent you master your market.

This consultant emphasized the struggle that independent Owner Operators have as they foot the bill for all of their expenses, get by primarily without health insurance, and are poorly compensated for their general runs as well as for such things as layover time while looking for another load or while the company looks for them another load.

The consultant's article was first posted in 2000 and again in August of 2008 the advice an MD safety expert “so called” for the Philadelphia Occupational and Environmental Medicine Society. You should remember, when going into business and especially the trucking business, you’ll need to be very careful who you take your advice from. 

First of all while using struggling Truckers to make a point is convenient, the consultant might have shown herself more legitimate had she also included those which do earn a high income as Independents in the trucking industry. Furthermore its should be all to obvious if a medical group goes about to prove how well off you’ll be working for a big company, their advice is probably benefiting them in the end by providing health benefits to large companies for the drivers. Such consultation is biased at best.

The consultant makes a case of how dismal the earning potential is for independent operators by using an owner that didn’t even have a telephone. She was so blind to what the real deal is in the industry that she thought using this guy actually supported her case, and in effect it did, but if that’s the only advice you listen to you’ll never live up to your God given potential. By using this kind of operator it only further proves the advice I give through this whole book. As you’ll see further along in this book, I  go to great lengths to make the case, that the only way to compete in this modern age of trucking is to avail yourself to the use of technologies which will allow you to gauge the market and use demand and supply strategies to your benefit”, now I think that's good advice from a trucking consultant which actually went out there and did it. You'll have to chose who you're going to take your advice from very carefully, but if it comes down to choosing between a consultant for a medical firm or a trucker that's earned a high income quite frankly I think the choice is clear.

Nothing speaks stronger than success, but sometime you have to listen for it above the yell of the crowd.

Maybe business success is not for you, but don't a use the kind of advice this consultant has to offer to make your case. Just tell the world you're not cut out for it or you have too many other things going on or just any old excuse will do, but for those that would take the nest step,; when the time is right you'll at least you'll know who to listen to.
Don’t listen to the advice of those that make excuses for not availing themselves to the technologies that will launch their business to a whole new level. My advice to you is, “don’t listen to losers” and especially don’t listen to consultants that write about losers, they only have the interest of their industry at heart, and if you do listen to them, at least take the time and opportunity to listen to the advice of someone that “worked in” the industry, ran his own authority and made a success of it, as also you can, if you listen, learn, and apply yourself. .

If you still want to see the consultant's article for the health industry it’s entitled, “Living For Your Rig”, (the article has since been removed) follow the link to their medical website. It is true that the tragic consequences of most independent operators exist, however take the time to explore with me why it exist and you’ll find out it’s not only because of all those that take advantage of the Truckers, but its primarily because most of the independent’s have discarded sound advice and allowed themselves to be used and abused by not keeping up with the technology needed to run a profitable business.


The right kind of technology will allow them to look at the reality of the market and how they can position themselves to profit in it. However, I do emphasis, as with any business the market has to be at least average for you to earn a high income, for where there is no or little market there is no to little profit. Still my advice to you is learn what your potential is for an average to good market, because it is overwhelmingly obvious to me that many Truckers simply do not know how to use the market to earn what they’re worth in this business.

This is one of the reasons you hear Truckers talking about going on strike all the time, their expecting the wolves of the industry to feed them, this kind of attempt has proven itself to be a waste of time and far from sound advice. Instead, they should use the modern day tools available to them to become the lions. Many of them long for the day of regulation thinking that the rates will be set and this would allow them to profit, still again bad advice. I have a revelation for you. Instead of hoping for and unrealistic future of all banning together or an unrealistic past that has come and gone, if there is a way right here, right now, that will work, and is proven, why not fully avail yourself to it. Obviously all those other scheme depend on other people, the reality is all you have to change is “YOU” ,that's the best advice I can give, but I think that good advice.

Here is what I made in Trucking the last two years, I wanted to show more but I have a legal challenge in disclosing the information

Unfortunately I worked for so many brokerages each one having me to sign a different contract every time I set up with their company. A lot of these contracts limit my ability to disclose any confidential information directly or indirectly, such as pricing, so it blew my whole plan and I had to erase some of the details.
When the time is right I'll discuss with an attorney how I can better present it later if at all.
Here existed a skeleton of my receivables before the book was published, I can still prove the rates I made as I discuss them below, I just can't do it in public form right now.
I can safely say this though, my year end average rate in 2007 was $2.80 per mile and by year end 2008 my average rate was $3.85 per mile for the whole year. I also exit 2008 at end of October and had almost made what I made for the whole year of 2007. I made $146,434 on 52,229 loaded miles on 114 loads in 2007.
By end of October of 2008 I was at $140,572 in only 78 loads on 37.525 loaded miles. I was on track to earn approximately $168,000 in 2008 when I transitioned out of trucking at the end of October.
I’m hoping when the market returns to at least average not only to have many testimonials from others to the fact that these strategies work, but I’m hoping to literally help a few of you actually do it. I haven’t worked out the detail of how yet, but I anxiously look forward to that day.

Until then it will do you good to find others that was doing what I was doing, they’ll confirm that everything I’m writing here is true. I’ve not met anyone that I know for a fact that was doing the things I’ll show you regularly, but I did have opportunity to train a few guys while out there. So I would be delighted to meet someone else that did the same. It Took Me Five Years To Master The Market, You Can Learn All I Learned In Mere Hours Or Just A Few Days Of Reading The Book 25 Chapters Are Right Here On This Site

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