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Dependent Owner Operator vs Independent Owner Operator

Heres a rule that all Truckers need to keep ever before them: The more you allow others to assume responsibilities for you that you should be assuming for yourself, the more youre going to lose and be taken advantage of, period. That being said you still have to know the difference; between conservation of time and conservation of resources.

Conservation of Time vrs. Conservation of Resources.

Conservation of Time

Those that can not make that distinction are destined for some problems ahead, let me illustrate.

Once I run a load for a broker they have 30-60 days to pay me, I know how to wait 30-60days for my money, wondering if whether or not its going to get there, I know when I have to bother a friend or someone to take checks to the bank for me, you see, I know how to do that, but I chose not to, so I find a legitimate factoring service that can fill my real need. They will pay me like the next day and put it on a fuel card for me and chase down the money for me when it's slow coming in, all for a nominal fee. That’s conservation of my time, and it's worth it to me.

Conservation of Resources

But when I struck out on my own to get my Authority I didn’t know Jack Squat, BUT, and that’s a big but, I was “WILLING” to learn, I dug and dug and dug and dug. If you or anybody knew anything about anything about getting Authority, I was all over you like white on rice, I was so relentless, even the people that sold their services out to help Truckers get there authority for a price, even these people just threw their hands up in some cases and directed me where I needed to go and what I needed to do. I found everything online and was able to print it off right on the truck, fill it out and mailed it in, some of the application could even be filled out on line and many of the ones I had to mail in back at that time you can now find an online version of the application nowadays.
The way I figured, I was already on with a company and it only cost me my spare time to do it, which was time well spent, which in turn save me LOTS of money, “that's conservation of resources”. I could take my time and do it myself and I did. I found all the forms, all the things I had to do, everything and finally pieced it all together and got it done, and it only took me about three weeks start to finish. Even though I could make money referring you to someone that can do it for you, I won’t.

Look I’ll give you the process right here and now, "Trucking Business Start Up Plans For Operating Authority ", but if you don’t want to do it for yourself; One you should question your willingness and drive to succeed in this business, and two I would have been glad to pay good money for that kind of info when I started. I’m including the process in this book although quite involved as it was, is only the tip of the iceberg to all you’ll get out of this book. I won’t refer you to a company that will do it for you, I believe this is something you can and should do for yourself. There are plenty of companies out there that would love to help you and I promise you they’ll be very nice to you.

Brokers That Prey On Truckers

The reason I titled this section Brokers Prey on Dependent Truckers is because they love truckers that don't and won't get a computer or a mapping program, that way the broker feels he can lie about the actual mile on a run to the extent he just can't possible consciously bear it any more, which is usually about as much as he feels he can get away with. This should come as no surprise as it is in keep with the"Freight Broker Religion";. They love it when you don't know you're the only truck within three (300) hundred miles, that way they can book the freight for the highest possible rate and keep back the most they can from blind ignorant truckers that in they're ignorance actually think there are hoards of trucks out there competing against them.

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