The Real Deal Start Up Plan For Becoming a High Income Earning Company Driver

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How much does it cost to become a truck driver?

This may give you a general idea of the cash outlay to become a company driver.

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No, not really, you'll need to get a loan for one of the trucking schools near you. You'll want to make yourself available to as many companies as possible, so it helps to call some of the big trucking companies ahead of time, just Google trucking companies. Ask them their qualification. Do this before you sign up for a school, some of them require accreditation but you'll also want to check prices, some schools offer basically the same but tack on an extra thousand dollar to their program.

Also if there are several schools in your area, find out what they all charge then go in a tell them what your willing to pay and walk out the door, chances are you'll get a call from one of them in short order if you make them a reasonable offer. Remember in a market nothing is set in stone and when you know your market well enough you will demand it when you can.

The most important thing about becoming a Company Driver or any kind of driver is that you not only understand the trucking market as it concerns you, but also how you can use your knowledge of the market to increase the income you make.

How Do I get my CDL? What's the best way to use my CDL?


After you get your CDL through a trucking school you'll have much more choices available to you and you'll be able to market yourself strong, especially in an average market, because an average market is starved for trucks and drivers all the time.

Don't limit your options to over the road , don't feel like you have to stay on with a company any length of time , if its not working out , you have to realize the value of your CDL and make arrangements to go elsewhere. Usually when a company began to receive work history request on you from a competitor company it has an amazing impact on the way your current company is treating you. I guess basically you never want the companies to feel like "we got em". By the way this is one of the reasons some of the companies are swift about reporting the least incident to your Motor Vehicle Record MVR, they know if you have things on your driving record which shun other companies from hiring you you will be less likely to leave, which is a good reason to always stay focused on keeping a good rock solid driving record; it will keep those doors open for you.

 If you put a little owee on the truck, and if it does not involve another vehicle or persons property, it's better to fix it out of your pocket if you can rather than reporting it to your company, don't panic and immediately call the company. The company will not only hold it against you but they'll promptly report it to your MVR

There are many way's to use your CDL , here are a few of your choices

Big companies

Small to Medium size Companies

Owner Operators that Run trucks for big companies

Owner Operators that Run trucks for himself.

Local Private trucking like local or regional distribution near you.

Dump Truck, Cement, Grocery, Construction, Supply Companies, yes and even truck Dealers.

Yes if you're creative you'll find that CDL opens a lot of doors to you but if you want to really get the most value out of it as you can you had better know your market, and that's usually only a matter of research, the one simple thing your competitors usually find too hard to do When you really think about it, it's easy, and will save you time in the end and make you money, lots more money.

I've already spoken volume about how important it is to make yourself available to the entire market or as much of it as you possibly can. You'll need to know how to approach a vase number of companies in a simple way and mastering your knowledge of the material I'm making available to you will allow you to know what to ask for before you ever walk in the door. Just coming in out of school the companies expect you to be gullible and open. Believe that your skills are valuable know what to ask for and how to ask, and how that will convert to dollars for you in the long run.

The first thing you'll want to concern yourself with as considering becoming a Company Driver are the responsibilities of a Company Driver, what it will take to become a company Driver and is the pay off or I should say can the pay off for what you do and the 24/7 sacrifice you make be worth it. What is your family situation like, your health and are you socially cut out for driving. Many things on the ground level of considering something that takes you away from your family and from around others you know and love.
I know some become drivers in order to make more money for their family or because it's stable steady work, but should that be the only reason, in fact is that even a valid reason, who's to say you can't make even more if you look for something right around you. I want to encourage you to consider trucking if it's really for you, but the truth is the attrition rate is so high in trucking because not enough time and effort is given to the decision on the front end.
Consequently countless hours and funds are wasted just to see if this is the thing for me sorta speak.

On the other hand, if this thing really is for you I don't want to be the one to discourage you either. We'll talk more that later. Most of all I want to make it as real as I can for you and help you make the best decision you can. Whether you ever buy a truck or not, in the book I'll show you company drivers how to use some of the same strategies I teach the guy that runs his own Authority.

Trucking Business Startup Plans To Become A  Company Driver    Lease Operator    Operating Authority