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It's better to know it and can not use it until the market improves, than to wait until the market improves and you can not use it, because you haven't made the investment to learn it.
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Demand Strategies For The High Income Earning Trucker
Company Drivers, Lease Operators, and Running you own Authority can double sometimes triple your rates. That's no exaggeration and I personal challenge anyone to prove that these methods won't work!!!
No Plagiarizing
If You're in Trucking You're in Business until you face that, you'll sell yourself short every time.
Why would an up market even make a difference to a Trucker if he doesn't prepare himself to earn from it?
The brokers and the big trucking companies are still training their people how to use the market to take more of "your" money. When you're in trucking you're in business, but if you don't learn the market side of your business others will "continue" to take full advantage of you.
Take control, Get Informed, You're doing the work, you ought to get paid what you're worth.

Some Truckers avoid technology, but little things like a computer are extremely easy to learn and use and makes such a phenomenal difference in your income earning potential. When you learn how to master your knowledge of the trucking market and use it to earn more money in trucking you'll wonder how you ever got along without a simple computer. And for those that have computers and are not using them to learn the trucking market and exploit it to your advantage it is truly a travesty that you're missing out on such a tremendous income earning potential.


Start now, don't wait for better times you need to learn and grow in your knowledge of the market, so when the market is ready to bring you higher incomes you'll be ready!!! Why wouldn't you do that? Start by getting, reading and mastering the book.

I wish to God there was a book out there like this when I got started, I would have made fewer mistakes and made so much more money.

It's just mind boggling to me how uninformed many truckers are of the market, even and especially Owner Operators running their own Authority. If they simply avail themselves to the same knowledge the brokers have of the market, the brokers or the big trucking companies could never take advantage of them again.

This is not about greed, this is about earning what your worth without having to run like a maniac and lose yourself and family. All I'm saying is that since most of the Truckers don't understand the market, the brokers and the big trucking companies are either taking half of what is in the load or they are not forcing the shippers to pay enough on the load to earn you and them enough to make a decent living without having to spend every waking hour of your life trying to do so.

You'll learn how to make them pay you enough to run a profitable operation. When the market is right, you'll find that when you are the master and you are in control the brokers and the big trucking companies will have to make the shippers pay you. Everything will revolve around what you demand to be paid, and when you've positioned yourself well in the market you'll know you can demand it and get it.

After you get and devour the book if you haven't already done so start getting the items I've suggested to you, no matter how intimidated you are, of technology and using it, just get them and make it up in your mind you're no different than anybody else, you can learn and just make it up in your mind no matter how old you are you will learn. Once you do that you all ready more than half way there.

As with any business, to be successful you'll have to keep on top of where your market is, what's happening, where, and how to position yourself to win.

With my book, which by the way is the easy part of your investment, you'll learn how to master your knowledge of the market and cash in on it by using it to your advantage.


I have two emails: You can reach me if you have any further question, I'm so confident this eBook will put money in your pocket, I'm willing to prove it. If you have any challenges with purchasing thee Book just let me know I'll personally make sure your purchase is complete. Thank you for making a worthwhile investment in your Trucking future, Jo Bernard jo[atsign]2010yr.com or jo[atsign]therealdealtrucking.com

Demand strategies for the high income earning Trucker

A trucking business essential book for mastering a knowledge of the trucking market and teaching truckers how to make more money in trucking.
Check out some of these benifits
Never again doubt how much you should be paid, know exactly what the market will bring.
Make an extra 100.00 per load using these tried and true methods
The effective use of Availability Time
The Expedite Hour
Front End Conditions
Market Conditions Watch
Add Ons
and More......

Man for 24.95 I've taken a bigger chance on an unfamiliar restaurant and spent way more. We're talking your future here, we're talking about getting in on all I learned the hard way over many years of trial and error. All you gotta do is buy it? and read it? Man that's too simple, that's just too easy. You can learn what others are doing to make 3.00 to 4.00 a mile consistently in the right market without all the headache of having to figure everything out....So what are you waiting for? Get the book Now!

The only reason you would hesitate is you think it's not possible, but it is possible, it's possible to beat the Brokers, it's just as possible to beat the big trucking companies, in fact it's easy. Don't sit around listening to people that refuse to get off their duff an do something!
It's just like that going to the YMCA thing I always mention in the book and throughout the site, I really did drop trailer and went to the YMCA all over the country, at least two to three times a week, but when I encourage other truckers to do it they make excuses about not doing it, it is possible, I did it and there's enough of my trucker buddies still out there that can prove to you I did it.
Not only that I went to church church a real church every Sunday all over the country, but trucker sit there and tell me they can't do it! I'm telling you, you can do what ever the heck you put your mind to. This whole book is about giving you the strategies you CAN DO, not the strategies you can't do!!! What kind a moron would I be to get on live open public assembly and give you something you can not do or something that I didn't do.
Man I live this book, I lived it, this was my life I'm talking about here, I know these thing are true, I lived them, and a lot of my trucker buddies out there can vouch for what I'm telling you.
And all those that tell you you can't do it are people that will never get pass doing the little thing in life like working out while trucking and keeping their faith and faithfulness in God and attending church services. Not that these are little things but the losers probably aren't doing those thing either.
I don't mind giving it to you straight, and I'll give you all I got in the book, everything. You'll have all you need to excel if you chose to do so, you just gotta muster it up and go for it, get the book, challenge yourself to at least learn kit even if you don't do it, at least you can point the next generation of truckers in the right direction. Don't hesitate do it NOW, if you put it off you'll never do anything, NOW is always the best time when the opportunity presents itself, and this is truly a grand opportunity if you just open your eyes to see it! Act now, not later not after you do something else, NOW, and I promise you you will NOT regret it.
I've spent twice as much, no three times as much on other trucking materials out there that was not half as informative as this book is, buy the book, and you'll see!!!
You gotta ask yourself "if nothings change for me all this time when am I gona do something different and make something different happen"? You'll never know what your life will be unless you take the chance to discover and re-discover something so important to you.  Try it and you'll see for yourself if whether it'll make a difference for you or not, but unless you try you'll never really know for sure what your life would have been.