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You can learn in minutes and hours what it took me years of frustrating trial and error to learn. The operative word here is that Ive learned and practiced market strategies that have allowed me to earn two, three sometimes four times more than other truckers operating in the same market as I. The key is developing a working knowledge of the market, and when the overall health of the market in general is average the trucking market is booming.

Here are the chapters to the first half of the book, they may not be in exact order as the book, and I left off a few chapters just to short things up some. It's Free but it's not cheap, Don't take it for granted, it's incredibly good stuff.  This page should give you a better idea about what each chapter is about, enjoy.
1 Introduction

2 Demand and Supply and Your Trucking Business

3 Information and Knowledge better than Gold

4 Conservation of Time verses Conservation of Resources

5 Commercial Trucking Regulation and Deregulation Briefly

6 Advice for your commercial trucking business

7 How Do I Impact the Market?

8 False Hopes in the Trucking Business

9 Commercial Trucking Productivity? Or a Waste of Time?

10 Becoming a Student of the Trucking Business

11 An Example of a Student of the Trucking Business

12To Be or Not To Be an Trucking Owner Operator

13 ********* How you market your trucking business is vitally important *********

14 Commercial Trucking Trucking Stages of Development

15 Commercial Trucking Trucking Levels of Responsibility

16 Working for Others, is Not Working for Others It's Training For Your Business

17 The Trucking Business in a Modern Market

18 The Money that Makes Mo Money


20 The Business Side of Trucking an Example of how technologies work for you to earn you higher income

21 How Do I Set My Rate In commercial Trucking

22 Don’t Change the Trucking Industry Change “You”

23 Making the Trucking Market Work for You on Every Level, The Turbo Charged Company Driver!