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Introduction: Hello, Im Jo Bernard, thank you for your interest in the eBook. Ive tried to make available as much information on the strategies for earning high incomes in trucking as I can. I hope you enjoy the book, I believe theres a lot of very good information to start with here online, but youll want to get the book and get the full idea of all the strategies employed to help truckers earn higher rates of pay in trucking.

You can learn in minutes and hours what it took me years of frustrating trial and error to learn. The operative word here is that I’ve learned and practiced market strategies that have allowed me to earn two, three sometimes four times more than other truckers operating in the same market as I. The key is developing a working knowledge of the market, and when the overall health of the market in general is average the trucking market is booming.

Brokers and big trucking companies have used their knowledge of the market to take clear advantage of truckers. There will always be a certain percentage of truckers that believe
it’s too much work to understand the market, or some of them are intimidated by technology not realizing that all technology is are devices which allow you to access information that you can use to earn what you deserve.

The only reason many truckers don’t earn what they deserve is they let others worry about the market, so those others take full advantage of them many times making more on the loads than the trucker himself, even though he runs his own authority, owns all of his equipment and bears the burden of all the responsibility for the load. I learn how to master a knowledge of the market, I found out how to know when the brokers were so desperate for a truck they could bleed, and since they were bleeding the truckers for all they could, I never felt bad about taking what I knew I needed to run as few miles a month as possible, have the kind of money I needed and expected for the responsibility I was taking on, and having time enough each month as I could possibly have for my family.

Preparation, In ALL things nothing takes the place of Preparation, that goes doubly for success in business and triply for the trucking business.

Now I’ve found you can make all the excuses in the world for not doing what it takes to earn what you really deserve, but if you want to learn it’s all here for you, and when the time and market is ready again you’ll be ready to make more than you ever thought possible. The book is not about me so I’ll just say a few brief things and we’ll get right to it. Almost the entire time I was trucking I nurtured the growth of a ministry the Lord inspired me with some years ago, it’s been my goal since I got in trucking to go on to full time status with the ministry, the kind of income I made in trucking allowed me to develop the ministry to a point I could do just that. My specialty was using the strength of the market and a working knowledge of it to earn rates in trucking that to many were unheard of, and I’ll teach you how.

One thing is true, you have to have at least an average market, when the market died I was glad I prepared to move on and I did. But, not only do I find it necessary to share the wealth without plagiarizing, with those that will receive it; I feel something of a responsibility. I think I would be remiss to let all I learned about mastering the trucking market just go to waste, so as much as I’ve gone to the expense of making it available for you I hope you can find it necessary to learn it, even if you decide not to use it. But I promise you will learn and be able to earn so much more than you’ve paid for this book. I’m making techniques available to you truckers on every level that could in many cases double your income earning potential and even after all the value I’ve included in the book, things that are tried and true, proven over and over again, still I’ve made the price of the book almost ridiculously cheap, just ridiculously cheap. So take full advantage while you can!!!

Be sure to check out the web site. Have fun, Enjoy, Learn much, Keep on Truckin and as always “Be Safe” -Jo Bernard-

Takes a lot of guts to truck the way a true trucker trucks
This book is a cornerstone book for the Trucking industry and also an example of the kind of attitude it takes to win big in business. It’s a living personal testimony of one of the most incredible journeys of breaking through one ceiling after another and the courage and instinct of a faith not only in God, but in the true essence of what it means to embrace the fears and inhibitions we all may face when presented with an open door of opportunity. !!!Warning!!! This book is very rich in detailed content for every stage of the Trucking business.
Not simply top soil content, this book deals with the grid iron, deeper aspects of  not only running your trucking business as an Independent Owner Operator but also with many of the very detailed components of  building a successful business from the very first day you enter Trucking. It is not a technical manual by any stretch; it’s simply cold hard fact on just how desperate an average market is for trucks compared to how much is generally paid to trucks in this industry. I’ve attempted to develop an in depth clear and concise dialogue on how you can use your knowledge of Demand and Supply to demand a rate that will not only make you a High Earner in average economic conditions but also afford you the time to live your life as much as every one else involved in the trucking industry does.

I have progressed through each stage in the book in such a way that even if you are a Company Driver looking to someday own your own Independent Operation, you too will be able to see the natural progression of building, growing, learning and most of all earning the kind of income you’re worth for the tremendous sacrifice you make to be a Trucker. Whether you are a Lease Operator looking to get your own Authority or a company driver looking to step up to leasing, “This is the book to have”.

 It will guide you successfully through all the steps. I suggest the reading for anyone that wants to win big in business, ministry, sports, or any other endeavor but especially, Trucking. “A how to books for building and earning the highest income in all areas of trucking” Jo’ Bernard
-This is the kind of book that has the potential to turn the industry around, to change the whole outlook for those that thought the Independent Trucker’s is a dying breed. We’re going to show them just how wrong they were-   Jo’ Bernard
  “We Be Truckin” Grammar Disclaimer: I’ve done my best to get my words and my heart out to you good folks in the transportation and business world.

You already know I’m a Trucker, not a college professor or even a college student; but I am a professional, to which I say. I have presented this material in the most professional way I can, short of going through advanced college courses on English. I’m sure you’ll find most of it quite informative none the less. And please, consider any grammatical error as a compliment for your entertainment pleasure. . Thank you for your interest!
Thank You For Your Contribution To The Real Deal Trucking.com

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