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There's So many Truckers, How Can what I do Make A Difference In the Market?

What you do everyday, individually in business makes a difference in the market, regardless the size of the market. I thought I might remind you that every time a Trucker gives in to a lower rate, he increases his changes of going out of business, like wise every time a Trucker holds out for his rate he could be increasing his chances of going out of business.

So I guess the question could be asked “why then even bother with talking about it?” Every time a Trucker knows he can holds out for his rate and get it, it sends a message to the Brokers. Likewise every time a Trucker gives in to a lower rate he send a message to the Brokers, "basically" the idea that the Truckers are weak and uninformed about the market.
Allow me to exaggerate for the sake of emphasis; What if all the Truckers gave in to a lower rate and went out of business, then all the brokers would go out business ONLY after having made so much money off Truckers they could either retire or take at least ten years off, that way the supply of new Truckers will have replenish, then he’ll get back in there and bankrupt all the new ones, if the attitude doesn’t change.
Now what if all the Truckers hold their rate til they go out of business, "THEN" the brokers will go out of business because they’re broke like you, “Yeah, Way to Go Baby!!!

Yes, Faith is a component of business too, A working knowledge of the market is a doorway to Faith, but Fear is the pathway to both Poverty and Greed.

Every body knows by now that  most Truckers are not going to hold their rate, but every time you hold your rate or even every time some one goes out of business because they refuse to compromise their rate, it speaks volumes to those that think the Truckers are suppose to be weak, Truckers are suppose to be dumb, Truckers are suppose to make all this money for me

Obviously all the Truckers won't hold out for the rates they need to make a decent living, but for those that learn how to use their knowledge of the market to profit from it , it will waken the Brokers to a reality that a new day has come, a day that suggest that Truckers are no longer as the Brokers would think "just dumb drivers".
I’ll remind you over and over again, there is so much money in trucking that if all the Truckers were paid enough to make the income that fits their business responsibility there would still be enough in it to make all the brokers rich. Greed is a product of fear, it suggest a dependence on money above ones fair worth for the job he does.
This is usually why so many Brokers feel they have to take more than a fair percentage of the load as possible, without any idea of a limit.Trucker ignorance doesn't help the matter either. When the market suggest you should charge a round trip to go into a weak area you have to know how to demand it, if you ask for less the Broker can't find it in himself to give you all the money you just left on the table.
The sad reality, most of you wouldn't either nor would I. I'd like to think if you just ignorantly gave me a $1,000 I'd just give it back to you, although if I'm given more change than I'm suppose to get I give it back or should I find a wallet even with a lot of money I'd like to think I'd turn it in, of course. But it's something about finding a wallet full of money every day that turns a man from what he knows is principally sound into some kind of heartless beast. My old drill sergeant use to say keep a lock on your stuff, it keeps the next man honest. When a trucker masters his market, and uses it to earn what he's worth he's doing himself good and keeping the next man honest.

What feeds the Freight Broker's Greed
This brings about an interesting point as it relates to the topic of "How Do I Impact The Market" Could it be that a culture of Trucker ignorance of the market has fed the Brokers greed for so long they can't possibly think of leaving the Truckers with enough to live on? Of course since most of you are saying to them; I don't need enough to live, or eat, or have a family, or be even counted for anything more than a slave.
Even if this has formed the Brokers mentality, the means certainly does not justify the end. If they just trust in God and consider having some faith they’d realize that they don’t need at least $100,000 in the bank to have a sense of security, or even a $1,000 in the bank.
I believe the problem is a lot of them either don’t think God is big enough to take care of them or they think they are so much bigger than God they’ll just take matters into their own hands. Oh I know some of them profess to believe, but they forgot about something, “it’s impossible to put your trust in God and money both at the same time. Of course my hat's off to anyone that can work that business for an extended amount of time and still maintain their integrity, but my instinct tell me they are so few they are almost not worth mentioning.
Greed is overwhelming proof that a person is so insecure of God’s care in their life, they feel it okay to make excuses for taking all this money that other people deserve and worked hard for. It’s okay because of course they’re in business and they have to compete like everybody else and that make it okay. So they lull themselves into so many rationalizations, when it’s all done they don’t even know themselves or God.

Knowing your market and doing your part to make a difference is the biggest contribution you can make to Trucking and yourself.
Anyway, as a Trucker you need to know everything you do makes a difference, haven’t you ever met someone from your home town that knows some of the same people you know, then you say “it sure is a small world” well when you hold out for your rate unto the dying end, guess what, “it sure is a small world” sometime without you even knowing it you’re causing that broker to lose their account with the shipper.

Why because you held your rate? No, because they rolled the dice all day on honest good hard working Truckers that wouldn’t let him keep what he wanted out of the load, so his greed lost him the account, not you, you as a Trucker need to lay your head down every night just feeling that you did some damage to some of those that are doing it to you. Don’t worry about the rest of those clowns that settle for less, be a real man.
But be a smart man, know your market and know your price as it relates to the market and I promise you’ll make out just fine. “I know” when the market is dead for a time you can’t get your rate, but I’m constantly reminding you through this book, in an average market you can demand your rate if you learn with me how to gauge the market. Learn now, because when the market rebounds you’ll have a great opportunity to make good on all you’ve learn and prove for yourself these things are very true.

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