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************Market Yourself***************

Whether a Trucker in service work, business or an employee, once you obtain skills that are valuable in any market, you need to immediately start to weigh your options and consider your market. When yours skills began to out weigh your income, and it will eventually, because your employer will only pay you a certain amount regardless of how much you are worth.

You should have already become so aware of the market for your skills; you won’t have any problem getting the income that matches your skills or the demands for them, why, because to know your market is to know where “numerically speaking” others are that need you the most and where there is a lack of your needed skills in the market. If you find a high demand for what you have to offer, half of the work is done.

Then all you have to do is develop a system of presenting yourself to the market, the more desperate the market is for what you have the more they’ll be willing to pay you what you are worth. Even if your skills or service in the market are not as good as someone that’s making more money than you are. If the market demands for your skills or services are so high, you can still make much more than the person who’s skills and services are greater if you know how to market your self better.

Why, again you are using the market demand to sell yourself while others are only using their skills This allows you to capitalize on the need instead of the other factors that are considered for paying people more for what they do.. Here are the keys. The first thing to do in today’s economy is release yourself from allowing personal and emotional ties to determine where you are going to operate. The sooner you make yourself aware of and available to the entire market the better.

Considerations For Your Spouse and Family When Approaching a Market Decision 

If your spouse works and is in a great market and the market is smashed for what you do in that area you should consider this. Is my spouse capitalizing on the market need for their skills if not are they willing to. If not and you want to capitalize on yours where ever the market is best, then you are already back to the emotional part of the change and convincing the family that a change "even if temporary" might do you all good. If you have skill in anything you don't have to be stuck or get stuck anywhere it's merely a matter of staying flexible and open to new idea, way of doing things and places.
While the conditions for you and your spouse can be many, one thing still stands the test of time, if you focus on your goal and using the market to capitalize on skills, skills you either have or can obtain, and if you can have faith that if you make the move a door of opportunity will be open to you, whether it goes good or not then you are free to move about the market and make the best of the demand where it is, instead of getting allowing yourself to be stuck in a place of lesser opportunity. But if you do that don't bother to complain, if there's something there that's keeping you there, ever time you don't like where you are just remind yourself of why you are staying and take the bad with the good.

Next learn how to make a broad dynamic search of your industry, meaning you need to find out where those that offer your skills or services have the highest concentration, and avoid those areas; find out where "simultaneously" the lowest concentration of your skills or service exist and the highest concentration of Demand "Need" for what you do is. then prepare your self and family to the possibility and flexibility of making the move. In a sense you’ll have to think a little like the military family, which despite their emotional ties to their friends or family they are willing to go and make new friend.

This does in fact work to maintaining healthier relations “absence really does make the heart grow fonder” Next, develop or use a system of communicating your skills or services to your market, and prepare yourself to negotiate for what you want and the conditions of your service. Be willing to give and take but if you pursue this process you will find takers that will provide you with infinitely better pay and conditions.

Don't give up Value for Loyalty

Many see this as a break in loyalty. Loyalty is a very fragile thing when the employer is not willing to pay you what you are worth. Loyalty has to be a mutual thing, an employee willing to work hard and smart and an employer that is willing to pay him/her what they’re worth. Let’s face it, it does not matter how wealthy your employer is, most of them will not pay you what you are worth unless you force them, either through a firm decision to move to another location or be paid more now.

If your employer knows the market for you skills is flooded he/she will resist paying you more, because they know they can easily find someone of equal or greater skill. But you have to believe you are worth more to the extent that you are willing to do something about it. If you don’t, then I question whether you really believe you are worth more. You’ll have to be willing to go where the market is, if going to where the market will pay you the highest is not worth it for you, figure out where the highest market is in an area that you can live with, it’s just that simple. But to do so will limit your earning potential if there is a higher need for your skills or services elsewhere.

What happens to them who Keep Moving

They don't get left behind, they get where their going eventually, they learn , they grow, they make more mistake, they overcome weaknesses, they see the whole picture and much much more. 

The only next biggest obstacle for earning high income is your willingness to embrace the uncertainty of change. Many people, including Truckers have a sense that they will not be as happy somewhere else or at least there is a chance I won’t be as happy somewhere else, even though, they may constantly remind themselves of how unhappy they are where they’re at. Sometime people rationalize about their work environment even though it sucks or the people they work for or their supervisors suck, they make excuses to stay because their afraid to embrace the pain of change or the possibility of it being worse.

Well guess what it could be much better, and besides you don’t have to see the change as everlasting and for eternity. Again you’re in business, that means you have to keep up with your market, if you find a good paying job at one place, and it turns out to be a “hell hole”, you can eventually find the same or better pay somewhere that is a great place to work. It’s all about knowing the market, getting in the market and staying in the market. Now you’re in business, now you’re thinking like a professional, and operating your very own business “you”.

Sometimes I didn't understand when I saw some of the truckers move from company to company, but what I found is that the ones that did eventually found a company that really was worth all they had endured to get there, and those guys are still on with those companies today and are happy. Let me tell you it's worth the moves, it's worth trying and not giving up, it's worth the fight. If your not willing to make full use of the freedom to move and use the market in an open capitalistic society don't complain about your job, you've earned it.

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