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Modern Trucking in a Modern Business World

I can’t tell you how many times I begged Owner Operators “Owner Operators now”,  to get a simple computer, many of these guys live in a world that no longer exist,

Eric Hoffer once said “In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exist”.

Even before I owned my first truck I had a computer and most of the technology I needed to run a business. Its not enough to have a little lady at home getting loads for you. Thats nice if you do, but it will lull you into the common misconception that you can stay on top of the market in doing so. Once you understand the market youll understand how often the market really changes, and how fast it changes. Sometimes certain areas get very heavy on freight and two weeks later its back to normal.

Have You Given Up Wanting For More? Don"t

Do you feel like all you do is live for the next run

Do you feel the only enjoyment in life you have is getting the next run?

Are you trying to get the real stuff out of life from games, TV, eating, or chatting on the CB and getting the next run?

Aren't you tired of living pay check to pay check?

Haven't you notice those in trucking that are not behind the wheel are getting more out of life than those that do the real work?

Truckers are made to run so hard, just trying to get by, why should you and your family suffer for everyone else's enjoyment?

Life is so much more than being stuck on the truck all the time, you can now learn to make more and live better, why not? Why, Not?

If there was a way to really, get beyond the "system" and really make what you're worth, Why not try, why not at least try, why not?

If You Feel Like There's Gotta Be More To Life Than Driving Your Truck "ALL" The Time

How To Have The Competitive Edge In The Trucking Business

Another really big reason you need to have your own equipment is to have quick response to a load situation. There has been many time that even though I had the equipment right there at my disposal, I lost loads because I was not using software or certain procedures that allowed me to perform transactions quickly. Consequently the brokers found someone that would run the load for cheaper and took the load from me while I was trying to get the paper work back to them. When a great paying load comes along, you don’t have time for your wife to rush home from the grocery store and get that load booked for you, you have to do it and do it now! Beside, even though she has a good working relationship with you, she most likely would rather have the flexibility to go to the hair dresser or whatever without her schedule being tied up with the possibility of having to book a load.

While I was still learning how to get a first time go in docking the trailer, I was making like $4.00 a mile in some cases. I’m not bragging, I just want you to know how fast this equipment allowed me to get so far ahead in making money in trucking. There were many guys out there that could drive me into the ground. They had all the knowledge and then some about using the trucking equipment, but they are making basically minimum wage. These are guys that want to make more money, and sat around complaining about how ridiculous the pay is on many of the loads they were running. Well how ridiculous would it be to go to work for a big trucking company that has world recognition and the company doesn’t even have computers?

Before I got my own authority I was at Panther II “now Panther Expedited Services” I met many guys that had been there for only a few week, over and over again I heard the same thing, “I’m leaving Panther”, Why I’d say?, Cause they get me in certain areas and I just sit”. First thing I’d ask them, “do you have a computer?” They’d say “no” every time, not most of the time, not some times, every time. I’d say, no, no, no, you don’t understand how this thing works.

Then I’d remind them that in orientation the instructor told you to get a computer, buy the services of a load board and find loads when you get out of the service area “the service area is where Panther supplies the loads”. I say “what part of that didn’t you understand”? And so I beg guys not to leave, I begged those guys not to leave. I was making all kinds of money over there, loving life and blessing the Lord and others; while many of them were just dying. I begged so many guys not to quite, I told them what I was doing, how I was doing it and gave them my phone number and ask them to call me if I could help them.

Sometime they would call me and ask me to post their truck on a load board, which if I had the time I would do, but most of the time they were expressing a lack of resolve to get the equipment they needed. I wasn’t trying to sell those guys on anything; I had nothing to gain, but the satisfaction that I had told them the right thing to do. I’m not holding back anything from you in this book that I know will do you good, and make you successful.

Can I earn high incomes in trucking without learning my market or having the modern equipment needed to follow the market?

There may be exceptions in anything but usually other factors are involved that at some point must meet with a need for the modern technologies that make business and success feasible in a world that can't wait.-Jo Bernard-

Frankly without much of the equipment that I present here I personally just can’t see how you can accomplish the things that are going to give you the success you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter whether you are a one man outfit or a great big corporation in trucking, you may as well accept this fact, that just as much as you need a truck to be a Trucker, you need a computer to go into business for yourself.

Man if you’re cutting grass for a living, now a day’s, you need to set up your business to do paperwork, process transactions electronically, determine your market, make your services available to the market and go to the bank and pay bills and more right out in the field. Not just a computer but many other electronic devices. I’m not talking to those of you that see this very simple fact. Only in trucking would I even have to mention it. Everybody in the business world, which has their head on straight, knows you have to be electronically and technology based to succeed in this highly competitive market.

So enough about that, if you’re still sitting around fighting and making excuses for not getting all the electronic services and equipment you need, you’re just not ready to become a high income earner. Complacency means’ “self-satisfied and unaware of possible dangers” it is referred to as “sleep” or “a deep sleep” in the book of Proverbs, check out these verses, replace sleep/slumber/sluggard with the word complacent or complacency and vision/dreams for eyes, the kind of vision of future prospects:

Prov:6:4: Give not sleep “complacency” to thine “your” eyes “vision”, nor slumber “complacency”  to thine eyelids “dreams”.
Prov:6:9: How long wilt thou sleep, “be complacent” O sluggard “lazy”?  when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep “complacency”?
Prov:6:10: Yet a little sleep “complacency”, a little slumber “more “complacency”, a little folding of the hands to sleep “be complacent”: 11: So shall thy poverty “a broker” come as one that travels, and thy want “a broker agent” as an armed man.

I promise you, every week you go without having and learning how to use the technologies you need to become successful you are missing out on monies that you could be making. I think sometimes if people are making just enough to get by, they lull themselves into the idea that their doing just fine without technology, there’s no use in getting it now. Until something goes dreadfully wrong, like this economy we‘re in, then the need for these things are magnified, but even so, some just don’t get it.But here’s what I know, if they ever owned, and use it for making money and suddenly had to do without it, the difference would be like night and day. Then would they see how much difference it makes.

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