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To Be or Not To Be an Owner Operator

I could appreciate those that encouraged me to become an Owner Operator. Most every one I asked thought it was a horrible idea, some even begged me not to do it. Even though I never regretted it and never will, I can say it is more a matter of having knowledge of the market and its impact than it is an emotional feel good think Ill go for it idea. When I became Owner Operator I didnt know jack about the market. I was encouraged, God open a door of opportunity to me and by faith I decided to go for it.

That may be fine for me but some of you are really wondering what I mean by it being a market based decision. Let me make it plain and simple, in all business endeavors, “all”, there has to be a willing buyer and a willing seller, i.e. “demand and supply”. Quite simply, if the market is dead, common sense “should” prevail to know’ it’s just not a good time to start a business, unless of course, you are starting a business which does well in a dead market. I say this because I still hear people talking about getting their own authority. Dah, did I miss something? When the market is bone dry and continuing on a downward spiral, we all do good just to keep our jobs, hoping and praying we’re not next on the list of the graduates from the employment status to the unemployed status.

I only say graduates not to add insult to injury but to encourage those that are out of work. One of the greatest secrets of life is that God uses the bad things in or lives to propel us further and bless us, “If” we maintain our faith and confidence in him. Oh but of course if you don’t believe, that may or may not include you, but if it does that’s reason enough to consider a hard, fast and complete faith in him.

Bottom line I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to become an Owner Operator to take a step forward. I only encourage you to use the common sense God gave you and be willing to wait if in deed the situation calls for it.  I can’t tell you the value of having a progressive open, prayerful mind, I mean, I almost can’t describe to you in words what it takes to want more and be willing to go out there and lay it all on the line for what you believe. There are a million reasons why people won’t take the big step, complacency, fear, lack of ambition, lack of discipline just to name a few.

If you’re a Trucker, Like it or not, You are in Business

What ever your job is, once you understand that you “individually” are a business, the way you see yourself and everything you do is different. No longer do you see yourself as only a worker in someone else’s grand plan, you begin to realize you are the grand plan. In trucking you have marketable skills but if you don’t make yourself aware of the entire market you are limited to only the willingness of those you market yourself to, which is not most beneficial for you. Of course the vast majority will never see them selves as anything more than a packaged product; you take me out the box, use me til you’re done, put me back in the box and leave me there til you need me again.

Maybe that’s not the way you think of yourself, but had it ever occurred to you that your skills are marketable? In a market environment if you know how to market yourself you can earn a much higher income than those that have greater skills but don’t know how to market themselves. I’m not just talking about putting out resumes; I’m talking about keeping a constant pulse of the trucking market or whatever market you’re in, to the extent that you can track opportunity and seize on it when the time is right. In this book I’ll teach you the Trucker how you can market yourself strong in the market and take charge of your earning potential.

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