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What Are You Doing in Your Spare Time? It Make's A Lifes Difference

One of the things I’ve seen and felt in trucking is a passionate desire for some escape at the end of a long hard day. I guess that’s the case for most people, and let’s face it, we’re all human and just want and need to relax our minds from the stress of the day to day. The only reason I address this in this book is to warn you about something I’ve observed. Not only in trucking but probably the vast majority of people fall into things they do to relax that become habit forming and time consuming.

That’s good if it’s a productive thing, if it’s a thing that benefits you, others and your community. Admittedly my passion was Spreadsheets, at times I worked on them with such passion they began to consume vast quantities of my time, I even had feelings of guilt just thinking to myself that, I could have spent time talking to the Lord and studying his word or catching up on some phone calls with other Truckers and friend and family.

Most people don’t understand how addictive Spreadsheets can be, but there like anything else, it all starts off as just something to take your mind off the stress and before you know it, it owns you instead of you owning it. I guess a case could be made that now as it is, the spreadsheets are helping other people, and that’s a good thing, but all too often the kind of habits I’ve seen people get into have been not only consuming but downright destructive.

Eventually I would finish a major project from a spreadsheet and put them down for months on end. Maybe it was a good habit to have because it had some end point to it. All too often some habits don’t offer that kind of end point. I’ve literally seen Truckers get sucked down into a black hole of time consuming things.

There a lot of them like computer games, gambling, over sleeping, womanizing, porno, especially those that have computers. A computer can be just as destructive a force as it can be a tool for helping you to earn the highest incomes in trucking. It all depends on how you challenge yourself. You see, I would often challenge myself to get to the next level in trucking, the paperwork and processes themselves were so overwhelming to me at times that it rarely afforded me time to get distracted by unproductive things. In a way the whole idea of progressing in trucking became my habit, so I always had something to do.

If You Replace All The Unproductive Things With Productive Things You'll Have Time To Do The Productive Things.

Your Already Doing a Lot More Than Trucking, But that didn’t keep me from going to the YMCA and working out, or dropping trailer and going to church. Almost every Sunday I was in trucking I went to a real church. Sometimes I’d go to the Truckstop ministries because those guys make a tremendous sacrifice to support us, so I encourage all of you to get out of that truck and get around some folks that are talking about something other than the garbage on the CB, which by the way of five years in trucking, I never had a CB or a TV. If you need it that much how did I possibly accomplish all I did in trucking, face it, the excuses for a CB are just that, excuses. In my humble opinion there’s enough garbage to avoid from negative people all around, I don’t need to pump the stuff right into the cab of my truck, so I never did.

Everything depends on how you learn to manage your time, what you are feeding your mind and what your vision is for who you are, where you're going in life and figuring out why everything you do is important to your overall success. I learn from Tom Hopkins, a motivational speaker, these words. "I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment". I got a lot of inspiration from the Bible, I wished every one would, but if you won’t, find someone or something that can help you have the right thinking. Lastly be careful of distractions, bad habits, drinking especially if you’re a driver, womanizing, or worse video games, TV, porno, or any number of other time wasters. When you give in to those things you are making a declaration to yourself “I have given up on productivity, I am resolve to go nowhere, be nothing, do nothing, stay in this rut I’m in, and not seek what ever my God given purpose is in life”. That’s what you’re saying to yourself, and you don’t even know it.

I could see mastering trucking as preparation for something bigger in life, or if I was going to stay in trucking forever I wanted to make sure I was getting everything out of it I could and should. Trucking as I have said many times is a 24 hours, 7 days a week sacrifice, and if you're making that kind of sacrifice you had better be getting all you can out of it. Stop leaving your living on the table for the big trucking companies and the brokers, stop making them rich, you deserve to make all you can and should, your family deserves it, and the trucker beside you needs to have an example of somebody that's got the guts to make it happen. Learning all you can now will inable you to demand what you deserve when the market allows you to do it. Don't let others take your opportunity any longer. When Opportunity knocks you'll be ready to answer.
These things may not seem to be what you expected to hear, but believe me; this book would not be complete without them. Why should I give you a better way to do anything, if I’m going to leave you in the rut you’re in?  It’s useless; I want to give you the most profit for your money, I don’t think you would have bought the book if you didn’t want to implement all the things that will bring you success.

All success involves a process of stripping off the old and useless stuff and putting on a whole new attitude and actions, in some places it’s called “repentance”. I really believe that in order to win, we gotta feel good about ourselves, and we can’t feel good about ourselves doing all those things that drag us down, if we want to run in a race we have to lay aside every weight, and the lifestyle which so easily beset us, and run with patience the race that is set before us, that’s how you win.

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