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An Example of a Student of the Business

When I got my own Authority I was still learning how to use the equipment, I skidded out of control with the truck and my brand new trailer on the decent portion after climbing Cabbage Dead Mans Pass, Oregon to this day I believe I was so far out of control the only way I was able to regain control was by an act of God.

Latter someone told me I should have used my trailer brake handle to do some of the initial braking to prevent the skid, I start using it all the time, even when I didn’t need it, I noticed the trailer tires had started to wear with chunks across the thread of the tire, but I was still too dull to realize what was causing it.

One day I met a young man, interesting to me he was a young black man from Canada, which in my complete ignorance, I didn’t know existed; I think I can get away with saying that. Anyway he told me exactly what I was doing to cause it “over using the trailer brake”, I was astonished. I had to admit to him that’s exactly what I had been doing. He went on to tell me he owned his truck and was least on for now, but he too was planning to get his own Authority. I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was the only one in the world that had gotten their Authority in only two and a half short years I ask the man how long he had been trucking, and he said six months.
I was floored by his response and asked “how do you know so much!!!” he replied “I am a “Student of the Business”. The attitude and action was clearly evident that this guy was on a whole different level than most truckers. I knew he would be successful, all things the same, short of demise; “the guy was well on his way”.  These are his words, I give them to you, become “A Student of the Business”!

11   Chapter  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25