How a working knowledge of the trucking market is used against the trucker

The Good The Bad And The Ugly                          The Freight Broker/Trucker Relationship
What happens when uninformed Truckers make themselves Sheep among the informed Freight Broker Wolves

The Truckers Can Now Know What The Brokers and The Big Companies Know and Use It To Earn Higher Income.

There are no secrets in Trucking


The Vital Stages of Development In Trucking.

Trucking Stages of Development

The Stages of business development

The company driver stage

Lease on stage

Authority stage

The Stage of Multiplication

Trucking Levels of Responsibility

I Load Responsibility

II Unit Responsibility

III Business Responsibility

Working For Others Is Not Working For Others, It's Training For Your Business

Asking the right questions in trucking

Modern Trucking in a Modern Business World

Have You Given Up Wanting For More? Don"t

How To Have The Competitive Edge In The Trucking Business

Can I earn high incomes in trucking without learning my market or having the modern equipment needed to follow the market?

The Money That Makes More Money


Bring The Market To You With Modern Market Tools, Business Products For The High Income Earning Trucker


Knowing the Value of the Tools of Technology

 Computer locking cable

Restore System

Computer stand

Four in one: Fax Copy Printer Scanner

Electronic Faxing


Document Management Program

Trucking Load Boards

Connection card

Mapping program GPS Optional

Motor Carrier Map

Truck Stop Directory RED  
Truck stop Directory BLUE

A good Email like Outlook

Excel Spreadsheet Microsoft Office

Extra phone line

Bank of America Account “OTR or Regional”

Online banking

The Next Exit

Services Factoring

Fuel/Payroll Card Service Provider

A little bit on Insurance Services.

Compliance Services

Accounting Services?

Creating a Backup and Working Hard Drive

Attaché file storage device

 Why PC Miler for multiple truck companies

How I Did It
Technology Working Together To Earn Higher Income In Trucking

How To Set Your Rate In Trucking

High Demand for trucks is a "Demand" market for Truckers. When the supply of trucks far out number the freight in the overall market it is a"Supply Market for Truckers

Compare other Trucking Calculators

You Can't Change The Whole World, But You Can Change You

Why Does The Trucker Struggle To Survive, Even In An Up Economy? Because He Does Not Know When He's Got The Upper Hand.

So great is such a little thing as "Change"

Making the Market Work For You On Every Level "Turbo Charge Company Driver!

Demand Strategies, Company/Owner Level,   Company Driver Demand Strategies the Owners Use

Here's an example of just how tremendously powerful the ebook "Demand Strategies For The High Income Earning Trucker" Can Be

When Company Drivers Need To Think Like Owner Operators

Reaching Higher In Trucking is a Test of Faith and True Manhood, Oh, and Womanhood Too

The Mine Fields Of Leasing and How Staying Out Of Them Means Higher Income For You

The How to of the “Lease on” Owner Operator

The Right way to Lease on with a Trucking Company

High Demand Equals High Income, Little To No Demand Equals Little To No Income, There Are Some Very Important Things You Need to Do!

The Truckers Alternate Fighting Position

Why would an up market even make a difference to a Trucker if he doesn't prepare himself to earn from it?

To Know The Truth And Can Not Use It Is Better Than Not Knowing The Truth When You Can Use It

A Detailed List Of Every Step In The Process Of Getting your Own Authority

General Cash Outlay for Operating Authority

The process for obtaining your own Authority

Federal Common and Contract Operating Authority


Federal Common Authority

Federal Contract Authority:

US DOT Number

Motor Carrier Number MC

BOC-3  "Process Agent"

Insurance Requirements to have your Authority

Kentucky KYU

New Mexico weight distance

New York HUT Highway Use Tax

California Motor Carrier Permit

Oregon Weight and Distance Permits

Compliance Services

IFTA Briefly Explained

Your Fictitious Business Name

General Pay Structures In Trucking

General Company Driver Pay

Here's how even new company drivers can be a high income earner in trucking also.

General Pay Structures for Lease Operators

General Pay Structures For Operating Authority