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The Mine Fields Of Leasing and How Staying Out Of Them Means Higher Income For You

Where to start? Who to lease on with? How much can I expect to make? What requirements are necessary?

Hopefully youve made a time invested, realistic self analysis, of what you truly desire, and are able to do, that is youll want to make sure that you have gotten beyond the beginner stage of trucking, this will happen for some sooner than others especially if youre a student of the business. Perhaps you are an Owner Operator, and are ready to maximize your earning potential. All of that and more is more than possible if you want it, you can make it happen through the techniques I present in this book

The road ahead will be long and sometimes dark. You may not even be supported by those around you, but you are not alone. If you continue to seek the truth, apply your self and learn. If you see the door of opportunity and are waiting for that one instance for it to swing open, and you’re the kind of person that just has to be able to say “when I was presented with the opportunity, I didn’t let fear, or any other false indicators deter me”,  If you want to be able to say, “I did what others wouldn’t do, so I can have what others won’t have”, then I can personally attest, “you are ready to take one of the most incredible, rewarding journeys you’ll ever take in life” and believe me if you do it right, you will not be disappoint.

Over and over again I’ll remind you that the market doesn’t have to be great, just average, but if the market is dead there’s not much any of us can do to get what we want. That being said, the market is usually at least average most of the time. However, currently while I’m writing this book the market is smashed to pieces, but guess what it’s been bad in times past and it’s always come back, so it’ll do you good to learn the techniques I’m presenting to you now at this time, while you may have the time on hand to learn it.

If you do what I teach you to do in this book, I “promise” you will be blessed, and bless your soul and others, and hopefully God everyday for the joy of wisdom. Eccl.7:12 For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom gives life to them that have it. Wisdom say’s “Blessed is the man that hears me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors Proverbs 8:34.
First of all go the www.therealdealtrucking.com

Make a realistic assessment of how you want to run. If you are a company driver just starting as an Owner Operator, you need to lease on and take the first step of ownership under the Authority of someone that knows the full business side of ownership There’s just too much to learn about ownership, give you’re self some time and experience, but don’t sell yourself short by staying there forever. Become a student of the business and in short order you’ll know as much and more than some that have been in the business for many years. . Again be careful who you listen to.
Make sure you have a good grasp of the things presented here in this book, keep reading, keep checking the site for more articles and information, and master the Trucking Calculator for every side of the business.

The How to of the “Lease on” Owner Operator

Once you buy or lease your truck, take it over and get scaled, you’ll need this in the process, make it over to the Commercial Motor Vehicle Department for your state, usually at DMV, Dept. of Public Safety, or Dept of Transportation. Register the vehicle and set up the International Registration Plan “IRP” allowing the vehicle to run the 48 States, or what ever States you intend to run.. It’ll probably cost about 40.00 bucks to register in my state, if I remember right, your state might be different, and about 1,600 1,700 or so to do IRP for all 48 states.

I did all that without having gotten Insurance yet, every state is different, and there’s no guarantee it will stay the same way it was yesterday, so ask. If you have to drive to another state to lease on, yes you have permission to drive in the states you listed on your IRP, but until you get an IFTA sticker on that truck, you’re not allowed to burn fuel in other states as a commercial vehicle.

Yes the infamous catch 22. If you mark “not for hire” on the side of your truck, some states will let you slide by, but go buy the scale if its open, and be prepared to buy a temporary permit if needed, because some states will say, “So what you’re not for hire, you’re still a commercial vehicle, and you’re still burning fuel in our state”. Even though you’re not conducting commercial business, you’ll probably save more in time and frustration just to pay them get your permit, and get out of there.

The Right way to Lease on with a Trucking Company

Once you’ve clearly analyzed what the next step is for you they’ll be some crucial things I beg you to listen to me carefully and do.If leasing on is the next step for you:

When dealing with most of the big companies they have a “here’s the way we work, take it or leave it” attitude. Fine, if they have what you want and need go with them, if not don’t even waste your time trying to discuss it with them. There are more small companies out there than you can shake a stick at. Your probably wondering, “yeah but how can I find them?” You can find them for you state of choice, and narrow your search, you’ll have so many companies to call you won’t know what to do. Just go to the next section of the book “Finding Your Market. There I walk through ever detail step in how to search for small trucking companies.

Do that and you’ll have small trucking companies coming out your ears! Then I’ll give a whole slew of things you’ll need to negotiate for and many other things you’ll need to avoid. To all of this I’ve offered some very sage advice and reminders for effectively negotiating your lease. It’s just a treasure trove of information I wish was available to me when I started, it would have save me so much time, money and headache. So here I’ve detailed every step in the process as carefully as I can, I know it’ll do you good. Thank you, Jo Bernard

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