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High Demand Equals High Income, Little To No Demand Equals Little To No Income, There Are Some Very Important Things You Need to Do!

Trucking Strategies For a Weak Market Economy

Here are some things you’ll need to do. The primary things you need to do is cut your expenses, and refinance everything you can. Of course you’ll pay more for it in the end but it’s better to pay more on say “your truck and trailer” than for the repo man to come and take it, “make sense”? Instead of giving you along list of things here I’ve elected to do the numbers on the calculator and paste it here. In the expense columns I’ll explain a little for you. I'm sorry, I don't have the calculators up and running yet, but here is a link where you can see the adjustments for Supply Strategies, remember, the green highlighted areas are areas where expenses can be significantly reduced. Trucking Rate Calculator Supply Strategies  
You should go to the web site and play around with the calculator there; you’ll need to customize a reduced spending plan that’s going to work for you. Of the major things I suggest here is to refinance your equipment, reduce your cargo and liability as much as possible and to get on a reduced payment plan with your credit cards. If you think they are going to close your card, voluntarily close it yourself, that’s a little better for your already injured credit score than if they close it. With all the suggestions I’ve made I honestly don’t know where you individually stand as far as needs so these are just some ideas I hope they’ll help you stay in business.
For those of you that can't get out, you are going to have to make yourself more marketable, plain and simple. Why not get your Hazmat permit? I'm sure you can think of a million reasons why not, but it's not as much as you think. I thought my insurance would go up but since I had to change providers my cargo, primary and hazmat actually was less by 70.00 bucks WOW. Follow this link Start Up Plans For Running Your Own Authority if you're interested in how you can open a few more doors.
 You'll have to make yourself more marketable. When you post, if you're use to just posting with your kind of equipment take the next step, post power only too, it will open a few more doors for you. Also what if you could agree with someone that has different equipment to use their equipment for some runs? That gives you other equipment to run. Now maybe you're posted out Van, Flatbed, Power Only and Hazmat. How many of you know that better than just being posted as van, or only flatbed.

The brokers are not smart enough to pay the truckers what they need in order to have them around when the market goes back up, so you can rest assured this book is the most timely book ever, because when the market does goes back up it “will” be the best opportunity for those of you that got the book and are willing to try all these things I’m giving you in the book. You’ll find they do work; they worked for me in an average market they’ll work even better in a strong market. A strong market may only be an average market depleted of it’s already very much needed trucks.

The Truckers Alternate Fighting Position

Although perhaps a humbling thought for those running their own Authority it may be much more profitable to lease on with a company that has established contracts or client's. Were it I, and this is just me, although I got out to pursue ministry here 's an idea worth considering; Run for an expedited company. Why whether you use brokered loads or run for a company on regular loads your rate going in will probably be so low and the amount of loads so few you most likely won't have as much chance of making enough to live on. Running expedited in a slow market is challenging but it's the road less traveled, most drivers can't stand to wait on loads and will diminish the expedited company's truck resources. That means you can find out from the company itself where the trucks are weak and make the investment to get there deadhead if necessary. When they do finally call at least you can usually know when you are their only choice for the load. Now is your chance you'll have to charge enough to run the load profitably and dead head back to another area the company may be weak on trucks.
This may be a tight rope to walk as it is possible for the company to sell the load outside the company and make more on it than if they paid your asking price but you'll have to hold out. Think of it this way, the company has to maintain its capacity of trucks, so it does not always profit them to keep using outside trucking companies. I think this is a good way to make your last stance if indeed it has to be your last stance, remember, in trucking the only way you can make a decent living is if you are strong enough to demand your rate and that holds true even in a weak market. Finding the place you can hold your rate the strongest then is the key to marketing yourself strong.
Furthermore if while running your own Authority you have paid off your equipment, in a down market it is smarter to run as a company driver, yes, a company driver; this is not about being such a big shot you can't humble yourself to run as a company driver. It's just plain and simple math, a company driver has zero overhead, none, zip, zilch. Do the smart thing, use company driving as your AFP Alternate Fighting Position and live to fight another day.

Why would an up market even make a difference to a Trucker if he doesn't prepare himself to earn from it?

Finally, when running your own authority, if you are in a situation where you have to take the brokers rate, try to get something you want and need. If you have the ability to run the miles for yourself you need to at least get them to pay you on the actual miles. I’ve said many time if you have to compromise on anything in the negotiating process try your best to get something in return. Even if you can’t get it in the end, at least you can say you tried. I’ll be talking much more about this later in the Negotiating sections.

Demand Strategies mean just that, they are strategies employed in a trucking market where the demand for trucks is in fact heavy or the trucks in the market are considerably weak. You may ask why write a book about Demand Strategies at a time when there is so very little demand for trucks. To answer this question I’d say, from my experience and my observation and discussions with other Truckers, most Truckers are not paid enough even in a strong market.

Most of them don’t even see the need to have the technology in place that is needed to track the market, and for many of them which do have these things in place they have used them primarily for other things like entertainment or shopping and banking, still many of them that have the equipment to know the market don’t because they have not been properly informed about where to look and how to analyze the market and use that information to earn a higher income. Maybe it’s hard for them to believe it exist or to accept that the demand is strong enough for them to be paid what they need.

Maybe some of them still have trouble believing they are worth that much or they think they are suppose to be the hardest working underpaid profession in the history of all time which most Truckers are. The market will go back up and I hope that by that time many Truckers will accept that they can make more and that they will determine to use these strategies to take what is rightfully theirs, that which belongs to them, that which they are letting others hold from them.
Unless you were living during the great depression, these are the hardest economic times we’ve ever experienced. It’s currently the first quarter of 2009 when I’m writing this book. I certainly believe the market will go back up and when it does those that have read this book will realize their potential in a market that is depleted of over half of its work force.

To Know The Truth And Can Not Use It Is Better Than Not Knowing The Truth When You Can Use It

Remember brokers have developed a lifestyle of living very high, and lavishing themselves on your moneys, but in hard times, now there is less freight, that means fewer dollars for all. So in order to maintain their extravagant lifestyle they have to keep more of your money. Not only that there are many more brokers out there today than there was just a few years ago, which means they’re competing against one another and driving prices down overall. This is why there is absolutely no concern about whether the truck makes money, they certainly don’t have even a sense of a fiduciary responsibility to the Truckers, therefore if it were possible to get the Truckers to run for less than the amount of fuel that’s needed to run the load, they are trying to do it.

Obviously all the truckers know they can’t run for free, and that as a community they all should hold their prices so as to make enough to live. Since there will never be any consensus among the Truckers unless their forced, who knows where the downward spiral of prices will land. Obviously the Truckers have to have enough sense to care enough about themselves before anybody else will. Primarily what it boils down to is what I can do to survive. Think of it this way, if all those Truckers that don’t hold a certain price go out of business “and they will” it will make it a “Paradise for Higher Trucking Income Rates” when the market does go back up. Don’t feel sorry for the market if you charge the kind of rates that allow you to make up some of the money you lost in the down market, because it is your money it will be there for you, it belongs to you, and to the extent you don’t take it the brokers will gladly make up for all the losses they had during the downturn and then some.

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