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The Truckers Can Now Know What The Brokers and The Big Companies Know and Use It To Earn Higher Income.

The wises man that ever lived was Solomon, when you read about him in the Bible listen to the way he is begging the unwise to get wisdom. Solomon

No matter what you do, dont go through your trucking life getting so distracted by life and work that you dont take time to find the instructions for life. Solomon begs all that will listen, to get knowledge and wisdom. To exploit the market you have to not only have access to information, but you have to have an almost obsessive passion to find the right information that will enable you to make the right decision about how you market your equipment.

There are no secrets in Trucking

 Don’t be so conceited to believe your way is the best way and all other ways are irrelevant, you’ll miss the stuff real life is made of. And don’t be so complacent and lazy that you convince yourself that you’ll eventually get it, furthermore don’t be so cheap or intimidated by technology you don’t even try to buy a computer and learn how to use it. Remember a computer is only a means of finding information it’s not that big of a deal.

Once you learn to access the information you need and avoid the information you don’t need you’ll make more money faster. I’ve met so many in the trucking industry that have been in trucking for thirty plus years, and can’t even relate to many of the things I’m about to share with you. No “it” doesn’t just come, you have to become a student of the business and remain a student of the business, the world is a constantly moving and changing environment, and for those that stop moving with it and integrating new technologies,  they are soon left behind. Also you'll have to continue to rely on listening to the right people, God made us all in such a way that we all are dependent on one another, so open yourself to the idea that somebody other than yourself just may well have figured out some things you’ve over looked the whole time.
Finally, don’t horde the information but just as it’s wise to listen to the right people it’s equally wise to give wisdom to those that can appreciate it. Discuss, challenge and become a contributor, visit the discussion on the website http://.therealdealtruckingforum.com and join in. For it is in the exchange of information that all your ideas are truly put to the test. If you’re not afraid to be wrong, you’ll find that not only will you be right on many occasions but you’ll have others that will agree and appreciate your insight
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3   Chapter  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25