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Anybody Can Earn Higher Incomes Using Demand Market Strategies

In talking to Truckers its not been my biggest challenge showing them that the earning potential is possible in an average market, my biggest challenge has been getting them to believe they deserve more, they are worth more and they can take more. All the Truckers admit they're worth more.  You know what the difference is from the one that say it and the one that is making more?........ The one that is making more, really believes it, its just that simple.

Every Trucker knows trucking is the most complaint ridden occupation in the market. Why do you think that is? Well, next to being on active duty in the Armed Forces, I can’t think of any other group of people that make a higher sacrifice of their time and efforts than Truckers. To take it a step further I can’t think of anyone in trucking that makes a higher sacrifice of time and effort and is paid less than the Independent Owner Operators on a whole. There’s a whole system of beliefs that make it so. This entire book, the web site http://therealdealtrucking.com and the Trucking Calculator is dedicated to completely dispelling the notion that “everyone else” out there has control over “your” income earning potential.

Also, I wanted to create a book that would detail for the Trucker the mystery of moving from one step in trucking to the next, and attempt to put the whole thing in proper perspective. When it’s all said and done not only should you have a look at the big picture of trucking and earning in an average to good market but you will also have a detailed description of what to do and what to expect at every level of progress in trucking. Also see
Trucking Start Up Plans

All Trucker!!! All Of Them!! Can Double or Triple Their Income By mastering the Market and Using the same techniques the Big Companies and the Brokers are using to take your living away.

The site is dedicated to helping truckers at every level of trucking master their knowledge of the trucking market. I'm Jo Bernard, I experienced the opportunity to consistently earn very high incomes at a time when the market was neither strong nor weak. Once you realize how a "working knowledge" of the trucking market can allow you the trucker to be in control of your rates, you'll be able to use your knowledge to run on rates that will allow you to earn much more, run a lot less and still have time for family or simply to enjoy life. You sacrifice a lot to be a trucker, when the market will bring you more; you need to know how to take what's rightfully yours. You'll learn time proven methods that will put you in control of setting your rates and getting paid what you're worth in trucking.  If you're tired of slaving away with nothing to show for it,
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This book is a revolutionary book, not just a collection of idea’s but a call to a whole new way of thinking, it’s not a rally call for all the Truckers to get together and agree, it’s an individual challenge to every Trucker out there to completely change the way you think, act and react to the trucking industry and all those that lord over it to make sure you stay in mental and financial check. If you are willing to embrace change and to open your eyes to your true potential, there is nothing stopping you, “I mean nothing” stopping you from enjoying what you do and becoming a high income earning Trucker.

Do You “Know”  Just How Much Your Trucking Equipment is Needed

Can Lease Operators and Independent Owners Really Earn Two To Three Times More? Yes, Consistently, It's Proven, In Fact, It Can Not Be Un-Proven But Even When The Time Is Right, It Takes Guts And Mastering Your Knowledge Of The Market

It all depends on the market need for trucks, the area, and even the time of day. Many of these things also depend on the overall health of the market. However, I experienced in any “average” market, average meaning not particularly strong or weak for an extended period of time, the demand for trucks to move freight from many areas, in an average market was so high that shippers and brokers were willing to move their freight at three to four times the average market price. What am I saying? They were willing to pay me over $4.00 a mile on the same freight they had just paid other less informed Truckers $1.50 a mile to run.
Wait a minute! How can they pay me three to four times the average market price if the average market price is $1.50 per mile? The truth is the average market price only existed in the heads of those willing to accept that lower rates. It wasn’t because the Trucker didn’t need to get more or try to get more, sometimes they believed what they were told by the brokers, “that there’s not enough money in the load”. They’re bright enough to get their own Authority, and they know that a lot of the brokers are lying, but because they usually don’t know how to follow the market, know their competition, and leveraging the market to their advantage; they get weak and cave in to the low prices.

Many of the Brokers have convinced many Truckers that the market prices are less than what the Trucker needs to run the truck profitably. Guess what, the brokers don’t set or determine the market rate, the Truckers set the market rate, usually out of ignorance, lack of discipline and impatience.
The Brokers on the other hand have made a much wiser use of technology and market awareness than most of the Truckers. many of the truckers don't even use their computer to track the market in fact most of them won't even buy a computer because they're afraid to learn, "yeah that's right I said it" because so many of you try to tell me you can't do it, you can't learn all that computer stuff, "Well Bull" I believe that's just a cop out.
For this reason the Brokers find out there's not another truck within a three hundred mile radius, charge the shipper four or five time more on urgent loads and because the Trucker thinks there's all these other trucks around him he'll take a rate less than what he needs to run on, letting the Broker get away with sometimes two thirds of the value in the load.
Listen to me, Even if you don't find the guts enough to exercise yourself in these proven methods, all of you, all of you! owe it to yourselves to at least learn them, they are valid, I used them every day and this is how I ran my business , for where there is a market the Trucker can and should take full and total control of his income earning potential, and I did and you can too, See also "Negotiating" part II of the eBook.

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If the seller doesn't know the market the buyer will always set the price way too low, the Trucker is the seller.

Many Truckers just don’t have a realistic idea of what their rate really needs to be, still other Truckers have resolved to buying ridiculous services that are suppose to tell them what their rate is suppose to be in a given area. If the Trucker uses the same technology as the brokers, he can closely watch and know his market in the strong areas and the weak areas.

They should know what their total expense is, what they need to make based on their investment of time and responsibility, and how to realistically factor their family time into their rate. I hate to use such ugly terms as brainwashing but I have met some very intelligent Truckers that have not committed themselves to a ready knowledge of the trucking market that have reduced themselves to accepting rates far below what they need and deserve. A strong knowledge of the market will allow you to earn your average needed rate regardless of where you run the truck to and from.  Some, as myself, don’t find it profitable to run any loads out of the weak areas, but only because I could market myself round trip out of the strong areas.

My challenge to Truckers is: if I can market myself round trip out of the strong areas, you can learn from this book how to at very least, market yourselves out of the strong areas well enough to run some of the weak areas and still make enough to see your family one week out of the month.

Let’s face one thing here and now. You have to factor seeing your family into your rate, nobody else will and most certainly the brokers don’t expect for you to ever see your family. Most brokers have a religion that goes something like this.

The Freight Broker Religion

“Thou shalt not render a dime more to the truck as much as possible, thou shalt do everything in thy power to insure that there is little to no hope for the Trucker to see their family or provide enough for them to eat, go to college, have health insurance, or enjoy any benefits of their 24/7 commitment,. Thou shalt not pity his soul or the torment of his poverty. If he loses his family, his business, his credibility, his hope in God, humankind and himself, you have done your duty. Furthermore, thou shalt exhaust thyself to enjoy as much of the Truckers rightfully earned income as thou shalt possibly be able to keep from them, and blame them for not asking for it even though they did. When you book a load thou shalt only think of thyself and how much you can make, thou shalt not concern thyself with trivial things like the hard work and dedication of the Truckers. Thou shalt use others to do thy dirty dealings, if you brainwash them properly they won’t even know how to care about what their doing, and they’ll keep you rolling in the truckers money; that way you don’t even have to hear the voice of the people you’re hurting. But if thou shalt at all pity them, you are less than the scum of the earth, which we are” Amen.

That’s not the religion of all freight brokers, but such things are not said in a vacuum, most of them are devote disciple of this sect. So as a Trucker you’ll have to make yourself aware of this fact and try to remember that your family needs to see your face every now and then. If you have to, just think of it this way.

You’re out there busting your butt, you made a 100,000 dollar investment, and you have “ALL” the responsibility of the load resting on your shoulders. On the other hand, the broker, sits at a desk, makes phone calls all day long, goes home at the end of the day, coaches his child’s baseball team, take good care of his wife every night, and goes on a month long vacation with his family at least once a year. Now you’re stuck in that cold Tin Can, because you can’t afford to idle the thing for the rates that you make. You can’t go home for months at a time and you’re losing your family, home, the business and soon your mind, and the only vacation you’ll get is the one you get after you just can’t take the pain and suffering of poverty any longer and you close the business. So you’ll have to do a little bit better at figuring your rate. Figure it this way, “you’re losing anyway”.

The brokers often tell most Truckers what the loads are paying, I’ll remind you it should be the other way around, but I’ll explain more on that later. Many Truckers are just relieved they can wrestle an extra hundred or two from the broker to run the load. In this they feel they are doing their family some good. But getting a couple hundred dollars when a thousand dollars is being stolen from you is no excuse for not opening your eyes to the market. Many Truckers spend their whole life, their “whole life” complaining about how low the rates are, but ironically, many have not availed themselves to “A WORKING” knowledge of the market.

How a working knowledge of the trucking market is used against the trucker

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Truckers take less on a load than they should, all because they did not know how to check to see how high the demand was on their equipment. A Trucker that doesn’t know how to gauge the market will run a load for the same price even if he’s the only truck available within a three hundred mile radius. Sometimes the broker and/or shipper are willing to pay three times as much for that truck. In fact the shipper does pay three, four or five times as much in these situations, but all that excess money the Trucker doesn’t know about or doesn’t know how to get, goes directly in the brokers already fat with money pockets!

Why! Because the Trucker hasn’t learned how to study the market, and he doesn’t know when he’s the only truck within a three hundred mile radius. He doesn’t know the truck to load ratio, and he certainly doesn’t know demand strategies that will put him in control of how much his truck runs for. Most of them are lulled into a very false sense of competitiveness because they have someone back at the house working the computer for them. If that's your case you REALLY need to read "How to Have the Competitive Edge";

The brokers on the other hand have made a much greater use of simple modern technologies, and have applied very basic concepts for knowing how desperate the market is for trucks. In doing so they have in many cases charged the shippers very high rates on loads that they have paid Truckers only a fraction of the amount. In doing so they have become some of the wealthiest people in all of transportation, all to the chagrins of uninformed, ignorant Truckers which “some” when encouraged to get a computer, will actually sit there and try to make a case for not having one.

 It makes it pretty hard for me to demonize brokers for lavishing themselves in a ridiculous amount of crazy, stupid, insane, intolerable, sickening wealth, if you don’t invest in "The Tools"
which will allow you to learn about the market and apply that knowledge to earn more.

 The Good The Bad And The Ugly                          The Freight Broker/Trucker Relationship

What happens when uninformed Truckers make themselves Sheep among the informed Freight Broker Wolves
To a great extent somebody needs to find loads but so often in a profit based society the greed is so overwhelming very few can honestly pay a man what he’s worth unless they are forced to do so. Most of the freight brokers have made millions of dollars and lived like kings at the expense of hard working, life sacrificing, and family destroying poverty; heaped upon honest men and women, that just want to live, provide for their families and do their part to serve the common good of all people that benefit from their services as a commercial truck driver.

Of course it’s convenient for many freight brokers to claim that it’s the Truckers own fault for not availing themselves to a working knowledge of the market, and for not demanding their price in an open market environment, as if that’s an excuse for greed, lies and knowing full well that the Trucker is just dying from the rates they are made to believe are less.  The broker sees his family everyday, knowing full well many of the Truckers won’t see their family for several months at a time. They willfully in the name of the market, abuse the market in full view of the financial devastation of Truckers lack of pay year after year. Many of the freight brokers have so completely shut themselves off from what can only be described as a systematic obliteration of any hope for a Trucker to earn more pay.

Over time many of the freight brokers cannot feel, there is no human dimension to what they do; to them and in their minds, these very people that earn them so much money have ceased to represent anything else but a means of wealth. Why do I make these claims, because many of them know the rates the Truckers are running on are too low and regularly refuse them the kind of pay they need to live on, even though the Truckers continue to ask. I have been blessed, in that during my time in trucking, I have actually come to know a few brokers whose light do shine.

Who prove that the job can be done honestly, and have resolved within themselves to make due with less in order that these people out there busting there butts have a chance to make it. They do well to relieve themselves of the guilt of ripping the drivers for all they can get out of them just because they can. Bottom line is they are few and far apart, but to my surprise they do exist. They are proof to me; I think they have a little different creed they walk by. Maybe it goes a little something like this,

“it is better to know I paid someone the right amount of money, and make do with less, than to bear the guilt and shame of being filthy rich while learning to slowly wipe away any consciousness of just how effectively I am destroying lives, families and the very heart and soul of a people that don’t deserve to be so ill treated” especially those that go the extra mile as an owner operator driving and living the Trucker life.

You’ll see, as I go through this book that even though Truckers have not availed themselves to a working knowledge of the market, I refuse to let brokers off the hook. Why? Because during my whole time trucking, I knew as well as many other Truckers how much I needed to run my truck, and very consistently the greed in the freight brokering business showed itself to be so overwhelming, that a fair rate to run my truck was and is met with the highest, I mean the absolute highest degree of scorn and rejection possible from freight brokers that expect their pay to be double even though the don't make half the sacrifice as the driver owner operator.

Therefore, from the very start I applied myself to learn how to use the market to make an honest, and decent living. The only reason most brokers and even some Truckers don’t see $4.00 dollars a mile as an honest living is they don’t understand the overall Landscape Of The Market "part II of the eBook. Brokers and their agents have spent their whole life in many cases, their “whole life” perfecting themselves, in the art of convincing the Truckers to accept less than they need to run a successful business. Is it any wonder most Truck driver owner operators have no idea how to get the pay rate needed to offer them a life style that becomes any one in business or any other profession should expect.

It’s not that the money is not there, it’s not that the opportunity is not there, it’s not that bread and milk would start being sold for 40.00 a piece if the truckers got their rate; it simply is that the freight brokers have lived their whole life, figuring out ways to eat up every bone sucking morsel of opportunity and every drop of significant pay potential out of the trucking business possible. I have literally spoken with some of them whom I am convince, they actually take pride in stripping all hope of a decent income out of Truckers. They drive the finest cars, live in the most expensive neighborhoods, live the most extravagant lives, all to the utter demise of literally millions of families--- hard working, life giving, good, honest and dependable men and women in the commercial truck driving arena of lions.

Some, with Trucker authority and equipment have made in some cases well over $100,000 investment and a 24/7 commitment, only to meet with a net income of less than minimum wage in many cases. That’s right there, what I just said, is the truth about the trucking industry! What’s really sad is, it doesn’t have to be. The day that the Truckers open their eyes, not only see, but to "do" something different, will be a new day of change and opportunity
, a day that for the Trucker owner operators is long overdue.

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